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Shift Adjustment Problems

Category: Engine

Contributed by Chris Woodbury

Summary: How to check your shift engagement.
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Check the trans fluid level. It should be above the mark as the boat sits with engine off.

Check your shift engagement. The only way to do this is to look at the transmission shift lever to see if it is in the detent. You really can't feel this unless you disconnect the linkage. It is a hard place to work on, so get someone to help you by doing the shifting while you check the transmission as above.

Put oil on the area of the detent. Take out the cotter pin, then have the helper put it in full forward. Without moving the lever, take out the link pin and feel for the detent by moving the lever forward. Chances are it will take a little more movement to get to the detent.

If this is really bad (takes a lot more movement) there is much work to do. This is not good for the transmission and it may already have damaged the clutches.

On most Borg Warner Velvet Drives, the shift lever has two holes for the link. So, temporarily connect the linkage in the lower hole on the lever. This will give you better engagement but it will put more strain on the whole system. After you have done this put the cotter pin and washer (if fitted ) back in correctly. DO NOT OMIT THIS STEP.

After all this you may be able to stop the shaft rotation.