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Nauticat Boarding Ladder (Doggie Ladder)

Category: Comfort

Contributed by David Beckett

Summary: Illustrating a useful add-on for boarding.
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It was February 2000, I had ordered a 38, what was to be hull number 259, and I was in Finland talking to Kaj Gustafsson about things I would like different to the normal NC 38 layout. How do you get two 170lb Newfoundland dogs on board? That’s what I asked Kaj Gustafsson, as we sat around a table discussing what I wanted on my Nauticat 38. He quickly scribbled a sketch out on a piece of paper. "How much would something like that cost?" "About 14000 markas! " “What’s that in English then?” "About 1400 pounds sterling." “OK go ahead, ” I replied...

In November 2000, hull 259 was delivered, she was going to be called “Nell” after my mother. So here we are with pictures of Nell, showing the said doggie ladder.

Ladder in down position, and shows how it hangs from the stainless steel wire, from the capping on the gunnel.


Ladder in the stowed position, with the rear support clipped in, and the hanging bracket turn inwards on the capping.


Ladder from aft and clearly shows the rear support bracket. It is also easy to see how the fixing brackets are designed, to drop into the fitting on the gunnel capping; just three fittings for the whole ladder, two on the top platform, and one for the support wire.


A clearer view of one of the fixing brackets.

That price 14000 finnish markas: Finland joined the EU several year ago, so everything is now quoted in Euros. At present exchange rates 1500 pounds would be closer and at $1.88 to the English pound, it would be $2820. A bit pricey I know, but I bet my boat is the easiest in the marina to board, no climbing up or jumping down for me!