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Vetus 10 Coupler

Category: Engine

Contributed by Lee Haefele

Summary: How to dissassemble the Vetus 10 coupler.
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This is what the Vetus 10 coupler looks like.


It must be disassembled before removal from the shaft. It is on a tapered shaft end, same as prop. End nut has set screw that is not accessible until drum is disassembled.


Remove 6 Allen screws at rear, requires 8mm Allen, a socket wrench style is easiest as you can add extensions.

Remove parts exposing "Wagon Wheel," loosen nut set screw, remove nut, whack base of unit with 2 pound hammer to remove. Square keys for this and prop are 10MM and hard to find, order in advance.

As of 2004, Vetus had new rubber doughnuts, they were expensive, but Vetus took pity on me and gave me 40% "dealers discount."

Vetus has a wealth of high quality items on hand, (windshield wiper motors and arms, engine mounts, etc.). I suggest you scan their catalog, a larger order may help requesting the discount.